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Sign Up For TeamPlayer
Sign Up For TeamPlayer

Create an account in TeamPlayer

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Sign Up For TeamPlayer

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TeamPlayer allows the Vendors to view their contracts with General Contractors, and bill for their products or services.

You can use TeamPlayer on your mobile device (phone or Tablet) or from your laptop/computer.

For mobile devices, you can download the app and follow the instructions below to sign up for an account.

Download TeamPlayer from Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store.

For the web version on your laptop/computer, click here to go to the login page.

Instructions to get started with TeamPlayer

  • RedTeam will activate TeamPlayer for your account.

  • GC configures the TeamPlayer app tile in RedTeam.

  • Vendors need to be TeamPlayer enabled. (Read more)

  • The subcontract agreement needs to be TeamPlayer enabled. (Read more)

  • When you email an RFQ or Subcontract Agreement to a vendor contact, they can use TeamPlayer.

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here to watch a video.

Sign Up Process

  1. Once the vendor contact receives the email invitation with the RFQ or Contract, they can sign up to create a TeamPlayer account from the web browser or download the mobile application for either Android or iOS devices:

  • Click here to download it from Google Store

  • Click here to download it from Apple Store

  • Click here to open it on your computer browser

2. Go to the login screen and enter your email address.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex Password confirmation screen

3. An email with a confirmation code will be sent to authorize the email account. Copy that confirmation code and enter it in the following form.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex login code sent

4. If the user is the first contact from the company to receive an invitation, then the Company Profile information needs to be verified and submitted on the next screen.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex company setup

5. If the user is not the first to sign up for this company, then just the user information needs to be verified and the user can now create a password for the account.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Flex user profile setup

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