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Creating a Vendor Billing in TeamPlayer
Creating a Vendor Billing in TeamPlayer

Streamline vendor billing in TeamPlayer: create invoices, notify GCs, and integrate seamlessly with RedTeam for swift project transactions.

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Creating a Vendor Billing in TeamPlayer

The TeamPlayer app gives Vendors a way to easily and quickly bill the project’s General Contractor for work. After an invoice is created in TeamPlayer, the GC will be notified and will have it automatically sent to their project within RedTeam.

Find your Project and Commitment

  • Go to the Customers menu, and select your customer.

  • Find the Project.

  • Click the contract you need to bill against.

  • Click on the bottom right button to expand the menu option

  • Select Enter Billing

  • Enter billing information, including a customizable invoice number*, billing dates, and a general description of work.

  • Click the "This Period completed amount" input box

  • You can bill a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the total contract by entering either the amount or percentage in the corresponding box.

  • Click Save

  • Once you finish filling out the corresponding SOV lines for your bill, scroll down and click on Retainage (if applicable), confirm the amount is correct.

  • Click the Tax box and enter the tax amount, if applicable.You need to calculate the corresponding tax amount and enter it in the designated box.

  • See the option to add files to your bill, you can save it as draft to send it later or submit it.

* A default invoice number is suggested, but you can customize it to match your company's standard numbering format. The numbering sequence for each invoice created will be consecutive.

See the video for step by step process

The video does not display the bill preview, you can see the AIA preview below.

Your customer will receive this copy in RedTeam Flex.

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