Revise billing

Revise RedTeam Flex bill rejections with TeamPlayer. Navigate steps, review disputes, and adjust billing for efficient project management.

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Revise billing

This option is only available when the Customer rejects a Billing on RedTeam Flex. TeamPlayer will show the record as Rejected by Customer. When you click on it, you will see the disputed lines marked by the Customer, you can see the comments entered for each line. At the top you can also filter to display only Disputed lines.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Revise billing Draft Form

Click on the "Comments" link to view your Customer observations for each Disputed item.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Revise billing comment

Once you reviewed the Disputed lines, you can click the three dots button and select Revise Bill, the bill will be re-created in draft status with the disputed amounts and comments.

Users will need to edit the disputed lines and enter the correct amounts.

When using the Revise Bill option, any new SOV lines added through a Change Order will be also included in the form. You can bill against those new lines only if the change order has been already Executed in RedTeam Flex.

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