Billing Overview

Billing processing in TeamPlayer

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Billing Overview

TeamPlayer users can submit invoices directly to their customers for each Contract issued for all the projects they are working on.

In order to navigate to the Billing section for your contract you need to identify the Customer, find the Project and select the Contract you need to bill for. Make sure the Contract is in status Executed before you submit your Billing.

Follow the instructions below:

Find your Customer, then select a Project from the list and make sure your Contract is Executed before selecting it for Billing.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Billing Overview Select Project

Click the menu icon on the bottom right.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Billing Overview Executed

Select Billing.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Billing Overview select billing

On your Billing screen you can see all the Invoices submitted for this Contract, each record will show insights on Billing, Status, amount, and also additional options.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Billing Overview submitted invoices

  • Contract Number and Name: this number identifies this specific contract and the Project Name.

  • Total Billed to Date: is the total amount you have billed for this contract.

  • Contract Open Amount: is how much you still need to bill for this contract.

  • Invoice Status: TeamPlayer billing can have different Status:

Draft: Billing is being generated in TeamPlayer, in this status user can make changes to amounts and data.

Submitted: Billing has been sent to the Customer.

In Review: Billing has been received by the Customer and is in Review and Approval Process.

Approved: The customer approved the billing and is pending to be paid.

Rejected by Customer: The customer rejected the Billing, user needs to review rejected items and resubmit.

  • Invoice Number: TeamPlayer assigns a suggested number, but this can be changed if the user wants to use a customized number. The suggested number includes the Contract number and a sequence number at the end of each invoice.

  • Amount Billed: is the amount billed for each record.

  • Menu: options to view the billing, Email the billing or Revise Billing.

    TeamPlayer for RedTeam Billing Overview Invoice detail option

Note: Revise Billing is only available if the record has been rejected by the Customer. This feature allows users to resubmit the billing updating rejected line items according to Customer notes. Click here for more details on Revise Billing

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