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Respond to a Request for Quote from TeamPlayer

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Enter Quote

Submitting a Quote from TeamPlayer saves you time and effort.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the Correct Project and see the list of Transactions, find the RFQ and click on it.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Enter Quote Transaction List

2. To view the Quote, click on the Orange Arrow on the bottom right and click on View RFQ.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Enter Quote View RFQ

When viewing the Request for Quote you can interact with the Contractor using the Console on the Right hand side.

You can add comments or questions and the contractor will be notified and will respond to you.

You will receive an email notification with any comments made on this RFQ.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Enter Quote Comment section

3. Click on Enter Quote. And fill out the form.

  • Quote #: Enter a number to identify your Quote.

  • Bid($): Enter the amount you are bidding for this specific Quote

  • Quote Valid for: Number of days your bid price is valid.

  • Payment Terms: Select your preferred payment terms form the list of options.

  • Notes: Include any details you consider necessary before submitting your quote

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Enter Quote Form

4. Click Submit when you are ready.

5. You can view your quote from the confirmation screen.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam View Quote

6. Your Quote file will open on another bowser tab.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Quote File
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