Effortlessly manage contracts with RedTeam's TeamPlayer: Access details, track status, and streamline project execution in one platform.

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For each of your projects, you might have Requests for Quotes, Quotes, or Contracts that have been issued by your customer to complete a job in the Project.

When viewing your Contracts in TeamPlayer you have access to all the details you need to complete your job successfully.

  1. Contract Information

As a general overview of your contract, you will find the name of your Customer, the Project Name and Number, the Contract Number, and the Contract Subject

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Contract Information

2. Additional Contract Information

Click on the Orange floating menu to view multiple options.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Additional Contract Information

  • More Details: will show Contract Date, Project location, Project Scope, and Contract Terms (Payment and Retainage Terms). Also the list of Products & Services with the contracted amounts, we call this Schedule of Values. Each line will show the Order number and the Line description. At the bottom of the page, you can see the applicable taxes and Totals.

  • Contract Status: A contract could be in Issued or Executed status

Issued: the contract has been sent to the Vendor for review. When a Contract is in status "Issued" we can not submit a bill against it.

Executed: the contract has been signed by the Customer and the Vendor. Once the contract has been Executed, the vendor can start billing against it.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Contract Item detail

  • Planroom: Here you can find al the relevant Project information such as Plans & Specs, RFIs, Punch List items, and Submittals

  • Contract Documents: Such as the Signed and executed commitment upon being awarded a job, you'd be able to view the Original Contract as well as any Vendor Changes. Click on the View option to download a PDF file with the document.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Contract Documents

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