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Why I can't enter a Billing for a contract?
Why I can't enter a Billing for a contract?

Explore billing challenges in TeamPlayer—from contract status to invoice drafts. Learn to navigate key factors for efficient billing.

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Why I can't enter a Billing for a contract?

There are a few reasons why you can't enter a billing for a commitment in TeamPlayer.

Commitment is not in Executed Status:

You can enter Billing only if the Contract is in Executed status. If the Contract is in Issued Status, it means the Contract has not been signed or authorized yet and you'd need to contact your Customer to let him know.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Transaction List

Commitment has a Draft Invoice already submitted in RedTeam Flex:

TeamPlayer and RedTeam Flex do not allow to have more than 1 Invoice in Draft status. If you have submitted your Billing from TeamPlayer and your Contractor hasn't yet accepted the billing you cannot submit a second one.
You'll see a warning message stating that "there is already a Draft Vendor Invoice for this commitment".

You need to contact your Contractor (Project Manager in most cases) and let him know that they need to Commit the invoice in RedTeam Flex before you can submit the next billing.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Already Submitted invoice warning

There's a Draft Billing in TeamPlayer:

If you have a Draft billing in TeamPlayer, you cannot have a second one, in this case, if you try to create a new billing (Clicking the + button on the bottom right) you'll see a warning message that you already have a draft document, you can open it and edit the changes to submit.

Once it is submitted you can create a new one.

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