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View Contract Credentials Status
View Contract Credentials Status

Effortlessly verify TeamPlayer contract credentials, monitoring insurance, certifications, and more for compliance with updated status.

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View Contract Credentials Status

Credentials are qualifications certifying that a person or company does, in fact, meet the requirements for a certain job or task. Often, these Credentials are used to track insurances and other documents for Vendors, such as General Liability insurance, Worker's Comp, W-9, etc.

Credentials may also be used to track other distinctions about the various companies in your database, such as which are MBE or WMBE certified, Union vs. Non-Union, Veteran-Owned, etc.

Most of the time, Credential documents will have expiration dates. This necessitates renewing each credential periodically to keep them up to date. You may view the Credential status for each of your contracts right from your TeamPlayer app.


  1. Go to the Contract you need to verify credentials for.

    View Contract Credentials verify credentials
  2. Click on the Floating button on the bottom right corner. and select Credential Status

    View Contract Credentials floating button


  3. All required credentials for this contract will be listed and will show the current status.

    View Contract Credentials Credentials List

    Here are some definitions of what each status means:

    Not on File: Credential is missing

    Expired: Credential is already Expired

    Expiration Date: Credential will expire within 30 days.

    Current: Credential is on file and up to date.

Missing or expired credentials can not be submitted via the app, you'll need to send them to your customer via email or other means.

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