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TeamPlayer for RedTeam Customers
Removing Subcontractors from TeamPlayer
Removing Subcontractors from TeamPlayer

Effortlessly optimize workflow: Remove subcontractors, manage invoices in TeamPlayer with our concise guide.

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Removing Subcontractors from TeamPlayer

If you no longer want to receive invoices from TeamPlayer, you need to deactivate the option for each commitment.

At the moment we do not provide an option to mass deactivate Vendor Commitments from receiving Invoices from TeamPlayer.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Buyout tab on the desired project.

  2. Find the Vendor Commitment you wish to stop receiving TeamPlayer invoices for.

  3. Go to step 2 - Contract Terms, find the section TeamPlayer near the bottom of the form.

  4. Un-check the option Allow TeamPlayer Invoices to be submitted from TeamPlayer.

  5. Go to the next step to save the changes.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Contract Terms

Once this preference is unchecked all Invoices for this commitment will need to be entered in RedTeam Flex, once an invoice has been entered in RTF you won't be able to go back and enable the box again.

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