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Disable TeamPlayer for Vendors and Commitments
Disable TeamPlayer for Vendors and Commitments

Streamline invoicing in RedTeam: Disable TeamPlayer for vendors and commitments to control invoicing preferences effortlessly!

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Disable TeamPlayer for Vendors and Commitments

If for any chance you as Contractor you decide that you do not want to keep using TeamPlayer to receive invoices from your vendors you need to Disabled this preference for the vendor and for any Vendor Commitment assigned to your subcontractor.

  1. Disable Vendor from using TeamPlayer.

    Go to the Vendor profile and Edit. Find the TeamPlayer preference and uncheck the box.

    Save the changes.


    Disabling this preference will prevent future Commitments to be sent to TeamPlayer for this Vendor, but for previous commitments, the vendor would be able to keep submitting invoices from TeamPlayer. (see step 2 in this article to find out how to disable TeamPlayer per commitment)

    TeamPlayer for RedTeam Disable Vendor for TeamPlayer

  2. Disable Vendor Commitment to receive Invoices from TeamPlayer.

    Go to the Buyout tab on you Project, find the vendor commitment you need to disable and click Edit. Navigate to the step 2 of the form, and locate the TeamPlayer section at the bottom of the form.

    Uncheck the preference and save your changes.

    Once this preference is disabled, Vendor won't be able to submit invoices from TeamPlayer for THIS particular Commitment, instead any future Invoices would need to be entered manually in RedTeam

    TeamPlayer for RedTeam Disable Vendor Commitment

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