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Understanding the TeamPlayer status in the Buyout Tab
Understanding the TeamPlayer status in the Buyout Tab

Explore Buyout Tab for TeamPlayer insights: track commitments, invite, bill, streamline subcontractor collaboration with diverse statuses.

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Understanding the TeamPlayer status in the Buyout Tab

A TeamPlayer Contractor can invite subcontractors to use TeamPlayer by emailing a Subcontract Agreement to the Vendor.

When the Commitment type has been configured to be used with TeamPlayer and the Vendor is enabled to use TeamPlayer, the emailed Commitment is an invitation to sign up and start using TeamPlayer.

Not all commitments can be billed from TeamPlayer. First of all the commitment needs to be Eligible for TeamPlayer.

Once you have completed setting up your Subs and Commitment types you'd be able to see in the Buyout tab the column TeamPlayer, each commitment will show a different status according to the configuration assigned. Here is a brief description of what each status means:

  • Dash "-":
    Commitment is not enabled to be used with TP, GC needs to make sure the Vendor and the Commitment Type are enabled to be used with TP before emailing the commitment.

  • Eligible:
    The commitment Type and Vendor for this Commitment are TeamPlayer enabled, once the Commitment is emailed, the vendor will be able to set up an account in TeamPlayer and submit billings.

  • Sent (Invited):
    Commitment has been emailed to a vendor to complete the SignUp process in TeamPlayer and create a new account, once the account registration is completed, the vendor will be able to submit billings from TeamPlayer.

  • Sent:
    The vendor is already registered in TeamPlayer and should be able to see the commitment and submit billings.

This is how the column and Status are displayed in the Buyout Tab.

TeamPlayer Column status on Butout Tab
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