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What happens if I want to bill in RedTeam Flex instead of TeamPlayer? (and Viceversa)
What happens if I want to bill in RedTeam Flex instead of TeamPlayer? (and Viceversa)

Effortlessly switch billing between RedTeam Flex and TeamPlayer for streamlined invoicing. Our guide ensures seamless transitions.

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What happens if I want to bill in RedTeam Flex instead of TeamPlayer? (and Viceversa)

TeamPlayer offers the convenience for your Vendors to submit electronic billings for your Commitments, however, if you decide to receive billings through TeamPlayer you won't be able to enter manual invoices in RedTeam Flex unless you disable TeamPlayer for that particular commitment.

Long story short, a commitment can be billed against either from RedTeam Flex OR from TeamPlayer, you can't switch back and forth and keep both billing systems active.

There are 3 cases we are going to review in this article so you can have a better understanding of how the workflow is designed.

Case 1: Commitment is TeamPlayer eligible but you want to bill directly in RedTeam Flex.

This case can present when you have a Commitment for a Vendor that is already Eligible for TeamPlayer but you haven't yet sent the commitment to the Vendor.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Eligible Commitment

In this case, you can choose to enter the Invoice directly in RedTeam Flex since the Commitment is not yet in status SENT for TeamPlayer.

Case 2: Commitment has been Sent to TeamPlayer but you decide you want to bill directly in RedTeam Flex instead.

In this case, the commitment can be just recently sent to TeamPlayer or the vendor can already bill from TeamPlayer, in either scenario the commitment is already linked to TeamPlayer.

If you try to create a Vendor Invoice in RedTeam Flex, a warning will pop up letting you know that this commitment needs to be billed through TeamPlayer.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Sent Commitment

But as we all know, usually plans change, and for any reason, you might decide to bill it from RedTeam Flex from now on, instead of using TeamPlayer. In order to do so, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click "Edit" on the Commitment record and go to Step 2. Contract Terms

  2. Scroll down to the TeamPlayer section and uncheck the box "Allow TeamPlayer Invoices to be submitted from TeamPlayer"

  3. Click "Next Step" to save the changes.

  4. Go back to the Manage Buyout Commitments and create a manual Invoice from the tools icon.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Edit Subcontract

Note: Once you submit a manual Invoice from RTF you won't be able to check this box again. So the remaining invoices will need to be entered directly from RedTeam Flex.

Whenever this checkbox is checked or unchecked, metadata will be saved with information about who and when this setting was updated.

TeamPlayer for RedTeam Contract Terms check box

Check this article to learn more about disabling TeamPlayer for Vendors and Commitments.

Case 3: You already started billing in RedTeam Flex but you want to move to TeamPlayer.

This case is not common but could happen if you decide to start using TeamPlayer after 1 or more invoices were already submitted in RedTeam Flex for the Commitment.

In order for a Commitment to be TeamPlayer "Eligible", you need to remove all the invoices created directly in RedTeam Flex for the Commitment.

This task can become an issue if you have already paid the vendor and you are using an accounting integration (QBO or Sage) where the transactions are already posted in the accounting system.

It'll be up to you and your accounting department to make the decision to delete the invoices in RedTeam Flex and Start billing through TeamPlayer, in this article will give you instructions on how to do that if you decide to go forward.

  1. Identify how many Invoices have been created for the Commitment.

  2. Identify if the Invoices have been already paid.

  3. Delete the payments for those invoices (if any) in RedTeam Flex.

  4. Delete the Invoices in RedTeam Flex.
    Once you have deleted the invoices, the TeamPlayer flag next to the Commitment will change from "-" to "Eligible"

    (See this article to know more about TeamPlayer Status)

  5. Once you see the "Eligible" flag on the commitment, you can email it to your vendor and start receiving electronic Billings from TeamPlayer.

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