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Control how your TeamPlayer vendors bill for Stored Materials
Control how your TeamPlayer vendors bill for Stored Materials

Effortlessly manage TeamPlayer vendor billing, control invoicing, prevent double billing, and enhance financial transparency.

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Control how your TeamPlayer vendors bill for Stored Materials

When a Vendor creates an invoice in the TeamPlayer app, they will have the option to bill for stored materials that have been received but not yet installed or otherwise used. When an amount is added to the stored materials, it will automatically be included in the current invoice.

When stored materials are installed or used after they have been billed, you will account for that the next time you create an invoice. You remove the dollar amount from the stored entry field, which automatically generates a negative balance in completed to date to avoid double billing. You then apply that amount to Completed To Date along with any new work, and it will only charge for the new work.

RedTeam Flex Contractors have the ability to restrict their vendors to bill for Stored Materials from TeamPlayer.

All you have to do is change the option from the App Card in RedTeam Flex, go to the Apps menu and click on the tile for TeamPlayer.

Control TeamPlayer vendors bill App section

Scroll down to the billing section and select Activate or Deactivate.

By default the option is Active for all your vendors, you can modify this option at any time.

Control TeamPlayer vendors bill Activate vendor

Keep in mind this will affect all future Billing applications submitted from TeamPlayer.

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