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General Contractor Guide

This guide covers

What is TeamPlayer?

TeamPlayer is a RedTeam portal that streamlines project documentation between GCs and

vendors, facilitating critical workflows such as bidding, negotiating, contracting,

compliance, and billing.

What’s in it for you?

The TeamPlayer application allows seamless collaboration between the GC and your team

of Vendors on the following items:

● Requests for Quote

● Submitting Quotes

● Viewing Contracts and Change Orders

● Submitting AIA style progress billing

● Accessing project planroom

● Viewing Lien Waivers and Credential Statuses

Connecting your RedTeam database

To connect your RedTeam database to your TeamPlayer account, visit the link

below for a complete set of Step-by-step instructions, OR follow the

abbreviated instructions below.

Detailed instructions:

Abbreviated Instructions:

  • To begin, your RedTeam System Administrator should log in to RedTeam and navigate to the App Menu via the left side bar

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Apps Section
  • Click on the TeamPlayer app card to open, then read and accept the Terms of Service

    by checking the box

    TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Accept Terms and Service

  • Next, fill in the Construction Billing section to determine how much of your $10

    invoice processing fee you will pass on to your vendors.

    TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Invoice Processing Fee

  • If needed, edit the Default Application for Payment Certification settings. You can click the pencil to edit the Certification statement, or use the checkboxes to turn on/off the Notary and Architect Certification sections

    TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Edit Vendors Certification
  • Note that within this app card you can also view a comprehensive transaction log as well as metadata regarding changes made to the settings within the app card

Configuring your commitment forms

  • From the Configuration Menu, click on Commitment Forms, and use the Tools Icon to edit the Commitment Form of your choice

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Configuring Commitment Form

  • Scroll to the Workflow Options section and check the “To be used with TeamPlayer” Box

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Edit Commitment Format

Enabling vendor profiles

  • Enter the Vendor’s Profile from the Vendor’s Overview Menu and click on the Edit Button

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Enable Vendor Format
  • Scroll to the TeamPlayer section of the profile and check the box to enable TeamPlayer. Click Save to finish editing the vendor profile

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Edit Company

Sending requests for quote

  • Create a Request for Quote (RFQ) for any TeamPlayer enabled Vendor via the Vendor Quotes page of your project

  • Once the RFQ is committed, click on the Document Icon to view the RFQ.

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Send request for quote
  • Click the Email button to send the RFQ to the vendor via TeamPlayer; they will be able to submit their quote within their TeamPlayer portal.

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Email Button

Sending commitment forms

  • To send a commitment form to a vendor via TeamPlayer, simply create a TeamPlayer enabled commitment form in the Buyout Tab of your project and email it to a TeamPlayer enabled Vendor

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Sending Commitment Form
  • The link below provides a guide to interpreting whether or not a given commitment in your Buyout Tab is eligible to be sent using TeamPlayer, meaning that both the form type and the vendor profile have been enabled for TeamPlayer

Vendor invoicing workflow

  • When a vendor invoice is received from TeamPlayer, it will appear in your RedTeam Invoices list as a Draft Invoice, but it cannot be edited by the GC. If editing is needed, it must be rejected back to the vendor

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Invoice List
  • If the “Reject & Cancel” button is used in Step 5 of the Invoice Approval process, the Invoice will return to the vendor in their TeamPlayer account, also as a draft, so that they may make any requested corrections

TeamPlayer General Contractor Guide Reject and Cancel

  • A Vendor may have only one draft invoice at a time for a single commitment, so all previous invoices must be committed by the GC before the vendor can submit their next invoice.

  • Note that if an invoice is initially submitted via TeamPlayer, it can only be modified via the vendor’s TeamPlayer portal. It cannot be re-submitted manually via RedTeam.

How to access the Help Center and chat support

  • When you are logged into your RedTeam account, click on your name to access your Account Menu, and select the “Help Center” option. Within the Help Center, you will find training resources and a page for logging various types of support tickets.

  • To access the TeamPlayer help center, which contains specific resources for both GCs and Vendors, click this link:

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